I have come to realize in this busy Toronto market over the last few years how frustrated Toronto sellers have become with the cost of selling their home, in what seems to be a very short time frame, due to current market conditions. It is for this reason I am taking a stand against discounted service in exchange for discounted commission. 

If our work together leads to you buying a home with me after we sell yours, I am now offering my full-service MLS package with 60% less on the listing side. You heard that right … 1% down from 2.5% to list your home. We still have to pay a buying agent but I am doing what I can to make selling more palatable. I am not going to do this forever, but in the current state of the Toronto market, I am tired of watching sellers receive discounted services, which devalues the industry as a whole. 

Let’s face it, right now a property in Toronto, when marketed correctly, sells quickly. The key is ensuring that for this short time period the home is properly marketed and presented, and this does not come with discounted services. I find it difficult to combine the idea of “selling the largest investment of your life” with “discount” in the same thought. Don’t you?

In return, here is what I ask: During the listing process you communicate with me along the way, taking note of our time together and my commitment to our results. Then, when we surpass your expectations at the offer table, you consider me in future real estate transactions.  I also hope you will spread the word to your family and friends for the balance of my career. I recognize it is our future together that I have to earn, and I don’t take that lightly and you can see what I have to lose by not doing an incredible job for you with your listing. 

Please consider your listing as my interview for future work. I intend on getting the job.