Hanukkah menorah

An extra special Hanukkah season

Sunday Dec 09th, 2018


Just before Christmas gets underway in full force, we will enjoy this last evening of Hanukkah, and all of the traditions we as a young family have begun. My fiancee, Jenn, is Jewish, and has introduced me to many incredible holidays and celebrations.

What a week of candle lighting, latkes and family celebrations. Oh, and all of the presents!

This year in time for Hanukkah, we were blessed to welcome into the world a baby boy, Emmett Seth Leonard! He has begun his life basked in the glow of candles, presents and happy family parties, and soon he will come to know Santa and Christmas trees and It's a Wonderful Life and all of the traditions I grew up on. Except maybe, the fruitcake.

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