Dinosaurs at Canada's Wonderland

Dinosaur hunters

Sunday Oct 21st, 2018


We brrrr-aved the c-c-c-old today to venture to Canada's Wonderland one last time this year. Yes it was absolutely freeeeeezing (I swear I can spell, I just can't stop accentuating my cold words!) but the fun that can be found at Wonderland this late in the season, with Halloween around the corner, can almost make you forget about the cold.

Kids and Wonderland staff were dressed in costumes, there were spook-tified rides, trick or treating, and of course, there is the anticipated Halloween Haunt, which descends on the grounds at nightfall. But what really became our highlight were the dinosaurs.

We happened upon Dinosaurs Alive! today and were totally impressed with the sheer enormity of the attraction. Forty life-sized — dinosaur-life-sized that is — animatronic creatures were scattered across 7 acres. Animatronic, by the way, means something that is operated by electromagnetic devices. These dinosaurs could move, roar and screech like you'd imagine they'd might, full Jurassic Park style. Each one had its name and origin, with a boatload of historical facts, so you could learn about what you were looking at. And this exhibit featured the obscure crew of dinosaurs too, not just the usual crop, aka Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus.

Oh and you can press buttons! This was obviously the most exciting part for the kiddies, although I thought it was pretty cool that you could reveal the movements of different parts of their body, like their tails and mouths, as accurately as scientists say the moved. 


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