Fall leaves

Fall — cool temps, colourful trees, and pumpkin pie

Saturday Oct 20th, 2018


Fall is my favourite season. I love the crisp, cool air, I love dressing warmly in denim and a toque, I love the leaves falling, I love going for walks and seeing our trees change from green to oranges and reds, and I love the comfort food! Grilled root vegetables, mushroom and barley soup, baked apples … and of course, pumpkin pie. I’m considering a post-Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie, a second one, to just have. It just looks so nice on our counter. Might. Just. Have. To. Eat. It.

Anybody out there have an interesting variation of pumpkin pie we can try recreating? I’m a traditional pumpkin pie guy but I definitely don’t discriminate against throwing some other cool ingredients in there. Tag us at @bensellsthegta with a pic or recipe of your creation.

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