Halloween-night house

Our Halloween house

Tuesday Nov 06th, 2018



So this is what Halloween looked like at our house. 

I wouldn't be giving the honest truth if I said I did it ALL for the kiddies, as you can guess I probably have a tough time holding back (all the while a huge smile on my face). But it certainly was a ton of fun and quite incredible to hear the response to our devilish display throughout the neighbourhood. We incorporated spooky music, fog machines, weird lights, and of course, my nightmarish "Jason" act. 

Beetlejuice and our maniacal clown — with their glowing eyes, creepy comments and morbid movements — were a huge hit, and speaking of huge, our larger-than-life and greener-than-green Frankenstein caused more than a few trick or treaters to come back twice. We were ready for them, of course, mobilized with our giant bowl of Halloween chocolate that we actually were able to keep our hands off of before the big day. So we were fully stacked!

All in all, it was an absolute delight hearing the oohs and aahs and seeing the smiles on the kids' faces. I don't think any of them ran away, although I did try to frighten a few of the older ones (insert spooky laugh here!). 

Please come back next year, as I might just feel the need to add to the collection. 


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