Tricky tree

Our tricky tree

Wednesday Nov 14th, 2018


Fall leaf danceOur new house in the St. Clair and Dufferin area is quite perfect for my growing family. Certainly part of its curb appeal is the beautiful tree that adorns our front lawn, one of the biggest trees on the street. I have been able to get to know this massive arbour for the last few months, and now I can see it has a mind of its own. It’s our friend — but it has also become our foe. We have a love-hate relationship. 

I wouldn't trade it for a shrub, nor an inactive little tree that doesn't say much, nor a big empty space. But ... now that it's largely lost its leaves, I can finally go back to a sense of normalcy.

With summer came those tiny propeller leaves, FALLING EVERYWHERE as the tree went through its daily shed. Then, with the start of fall, it began to wreak havoc on our cars and driveway. Leaves, everywhere, covering the sidewalk, embedding themselves along our windshields, getting crunched into our floor mats from our shoes.

And with the Toronto wind in October? This tree was blowing its leafy offspring all through the street. It's a wonder I didn't receive a citation for disturbing the peace.

I say this in good jest, as it really is a beaut. It has afforded us some epic leaf piles to jump in. Which be-leaf me, is definitely worth the sore back from all the raking.

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