Halloween clown

The Halloween madness continues ...

Monday Oct 29th, 2018


We are just mere days away from the big day and I think I may be struggling with a bit of an obsession. I just can't stop decorating. Readers, Dads, Halloween fanatics — am I striking a chord with anyone out there? I know I am not alone, as I have seen some of your houses, decorated voraciously, several of which have been crowned winners in our fabulous Halloween contest (do see the link from the home page!).

Beetlejuice now has a friend — a terrifying clown that is even taller than Beetlejuice and probably a wee bit scarier. His laugh at the push of a button might just push its way into your dreams at night. I might need to tone the front-lawn display down — no, that doesn't mean stop, but perhaps add in a few softer Halloween elements. 

Let's just see what I come up with next!

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